“Kindness isn’t a movement but a choice to see each persons value equally as important as your own.
— Olivia Kern Founder & CEO of Ollies Global

The Idea

Ollies exists to empower, cultivate hope and change the way we view humans. We employ survivors of forced labor, human trafficking and individuals living in extreme poverty in Thailand. We have implemented an empowerment program; this gives our crafters the opportunity to launch their own business after graduating the program. We provide them with the skills needed to learn a trade and teach them how to build a business that can employ other survivors. 

Style & Quality

We pride ourselves on originality. 

We have a unique style designed by the founders which was built to make originality shine with each item. 

Each item is meticulously crafted guaranteeing only the best quality. 

 Handmade + 

Each product is hand crafted by skilled artisans and are ethically and locally sourced. They are handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Lamphun, Thailand. Currently, we have 14 survivors crafting goods. 

Each item sold empowers our survivors to continue building a life for them and their families.